Wavelength is the regulated firm of legal engineers

using data engineering & creative design to deliver positive change in the legal sector.

Why we exist…

The law is continually evolving; the scale, complexity and urgency of legal work is accelerating. New approaches to these challenges are needed.

We’ve taken a step back and considered the whole system.

For Wavelength, law is a knowledge, data and design business.

As legal engineers, we unlock new value, efficiencies and insights in a way that can transforms how each legal professional, business and member of society experiences legal process.

We design legal solutions. We deliver positive change.

           What is a legal engineer?

Legal engineer
(UK /ˈliː.Gal en.dʒɪˈnɪər; US /ˈliː.ɡəl en.dʒɪˈnɪr/)

noun - a person that sits at the interface of design, technology, law and data, and who is trained and skilled in the construction of designed legal solutions

verb (used with object) - to navigate, connect and integrate legal technical solutions with the real time practice of law

In a nutshell - someone who rolls their sleeves up to design and build legal solutions at the interface of tech, data and law

Our vision is to see a world where our legal engineering approach positively impacts on every legal professional, business and member of society.

Our purpose is to deliver evolutionary and revolutionary improvements in legal service delivery using our legal engineering tools.


Our values:

#changemakers We’re brave, adaptable, and united in our desire to deliver positive change for every legal professional, business and member of society that interfaces with the law.

#teambuilders Together we navigate, encourage and inspire positive change with everyone. We are listeners and problem solvers. We respect each other and our diversity of skill and experience.

#analytical-creatives We are proud to be analytical and creative. Combining our talents to create precise and effective solutions tailored to our client’s objectives.

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