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To get us all in the festive spirit, the Wavelength team are demystifying some of the most common legal tech phrases in our 12 days of Christmas Series. To get all the details subscribe below.


Wavelength is the first regulated legal engineering firm in the world

A regulated law firm of legal engineers

we’re lawyers & we understand the practice of law

we love data and great process design

we understand legal technologies, and how to stitch them together

we solve complex problems using technology

we are legal engineers


           What is a legal engineer?

Legal engineer
(UK /ˈliː.Gal en.dʒɪˈnɪər; US /ˈliː.ɡəl en.dʒɪˈnɪr/)

noun - a person that sits at the interface of technology, law and data, and who is trained and skilled in the construction of designed legal solutions

verb (used with object) - to navigate, connect and integrate legal technical solutions with the real time practice of law

In a nutshell - someone who rolls their sleeves up to design and build legal solutions at the interface of tech, data and law


we work with law firms, and in-house legal & business teams to tackle inefficiencies that are endemic in the practice of law;

deliver cutting edge legal services; and to generate exciting new opportunities at the interface of tech, data & law



We deliver the following solutions to law firms, and in-house legal & business teams:


Legal data services


Involving the application of specialised techniques for extracting, cleaning, transforming,  and presenting legal data in visual ways to aid data-driven decision making


Legal operations     


Leveraging data, process and the sensible use of technology to improve organisation efficiency; for example, implementing practice management systems or workflow triage systems

R&D 'skunk works'


Helping to take legal engineering solutions from idea conception to deployment in a live environment - with reduced time to market, increased return on investment & reduced risk

Legal services


Business-as-usual commercial legal advice and services to organisations. Often this is a great way to deeply understand legal process and efficiency requirements within a business


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