Legal Engineers on the map

This week is the inaugural Legal Geek conference in London. It's billed as the ‘First LawTech Startup Conference and Awards’.

The Wavelength team will be there and we're especially excited to feature on Legal Geek and Thomson Reuters’ Legal Startup Map under a new category of ‘Legal Engineers’ (the other legal engineering business listed happens to be our strategic partner, BamLegal).

With the slogan ‘every journey matters’, the designers of the map infer that legal engineers are akin to TfL– except that rather than ‘Transport for London’, we are a form of ‘Transport for Legal’.

We rather like this metaphor! 

The number of excellent technologies displayed on the map suggests that the legal technology space is now at a level of sophistication that can be genuinely useful to legal practitioners. We believe that legal engineering is new type of profession that sits comfortably at the interface of the tech, law & data, and which is going to revolutionise the practice of law and other professional services. Legal engineers are necessary to navigate, connect and integrate the myriad of point technical solutions with the real time practice of law.

Wavelength is a legal engineering business, we're a regulated law firm but set up as an ABS so that we can get the smartest brains owning and focused on legal problems (irrespective of whether they studied law or not). Our team is a mix of experienced lawyers, data and tech experts. We've spent time getting to know the technologies displayed on the map (and others), as well as building our expertise and solutions. And so, to extend the TfL theme, we use our platform to design services and products for passengers (i.e. lawyers: both in-house and law firms), to help them navigate their commercial law journeys more safely and efficiently.

We hope to see you at the conference or you can stay up to date on Twitter with #LGStatus

Peter Lee