Why I've Chosen to Ride the Wave

A post from our Chair, Anne-Marie Garner:

Some people always loved the smell of the law library. I was not one of them. The law in its purest form of jurisprudence is a little Pinot Grigio for my taste.

The application of commercial law, however, fascinates me. The care taken over each word. The fewer the words, the more care that has to be taken. Until it’s perfected through its simplicity.

Many of you reading this by this time have a wry smile, it’s not your experience of lawyers; possibly the last breed of professions charging by the 6 minute.

Coming out of a conversation with Wavelength is like emerging from a brisk swim in icy water, you feel reinvigorated and refreshed. They even hand you a warm fluffy towel - you’re talking to someone you can trust. This is the future of legal services.

When the combination of Drew’s sharp, clean, lean thinking and Peter’s experience and innovative drive around boutique provision of legal services (there’s no Winlaw&Lee here) meets cutting edge technology you know it’s a wave you want to swim hard to catch and ride. I’m extremely excited to have joined Wavelength.law as Chair last week – it already feels like it’s going be the ride of my life.

Peter Lee