New Strategic Parnership between BamLegal & Wavelength

BamLegal, the leading legal document automation and workflow specialist, has entered into a strategic partnership with new commercial law firm and legal tech business, Wavelength.law.

Wavelength delivers technology and data led contract management solutions alongside its commercial legal services, and BamLegal is an expert document automation and workflow optimisation specialist.

The deal allows both businesses to offer an unprecedented range of skills and technology solutions in the field of business contracts.

The new collaboration will use legal technology, data analytics, contract automation, “living” playbooks, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions in order to provide responsive services to law firms, in-house legal teams and other business departments.

Director and founder of BamLegal, Catherine Bamford, has also recently been appointed a non-executive director of Wavelength along with angel investor, Mark Astbury, and FTSE100 legal director, Anne-Marie Garner.

Wavelength CEO and co-founder Peter Lee said “we are very excited about our partnership with BamLegal. This deal will allow us to grow our team of document automators. Automation and workflow management are important tools for organisations that process high volumes of documents. We are delighted to combine our services with such an impressive partner; Bamlegal has a fabulous client base and a world class offering.”

BamLegal Director and founder Catherine Bamford commented “Clients often ask BamLegal to help them take their legal document automation to the next level, for example to save and report on the data, automate the negotiation process and for the system to start to learn from each transaction. By partnering with Wavelength, we can now offer these full intelligent solutions to our clients. I am so excited to get started on projects where we combine automation with other smart technologies. The guys at Wavelength share my passion for improving legal services using process and technology, and together I know we are going to build some seriously impressive solutions. Watch this space!”

Wavelength.law is focused on dramatically improving the delivery of commercial law using data and smart technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. Wavelength is also a law firm providing an external general counsel service and advice on commercial and technology law.

BamLegal is a specialist in document automation and workflow, helping law firms and in-house legal teams improve their service delivery using market leading legal technology.


Peter Lee