Work experience @wavelength

Drishti Bindra came to Wavelength for work experience over the Christmas period for six weeks. She is currently studying for an LLM at Cambridge University. Here are her impressions...

Hi Drishti, how did you find your time at Wavelength?

My work experience at Wavelength has been wonderful and unforgettable. The thing that stood out, and is my lasting impression, is the inclusivity, friendliness and motivation within the firm. It is only eight months old with a small and dedicated team where everyone pitches in to get things done. Good ideas are developed and implemented quickly.

What did your work experience involve?

I had the opportunity to shadow Peter Lee (Legal Services) and work independently on various tasks set by him. I had the privilege of encountering a variety of different cases such as drafting contracts for employment, NDA’s, software licensing and many more. I especially enjoyed the research work which made me familiar with different aspects of law which were earlier unknown to me such as Drones. He ensured that I firmly grasped the skills of drafting. Client dealings were fruitful and enlightening. He made sure that I was kept engaged and got to experience everything that the firm had to offer.

I also worked alongside Drew who is a Legal Engineer, I really enjoyed this area and the technology they use is really exciting. A solicitors life can be so boring and monotonous with reading 100 pages every time but with the new technology I learnt about and helped develop, it can read those pages in under 5 minutes and mark out the key points of interest and relevant clauses. I got to experience the benefit of this technology and use the technology to see what can be achieved. Under Drew’s guidance and support I saw a completely new way of getting results, that will transform the legal sector. The way Drew’s mind works to fit technologies together and create solutions is just amazing. I had the opportunity to work on a project delivering document automation and workflow service. The idea of interface between data, law and technology gave me a new vision.

What was the environment like?

The optimism and team spirit that is consistently pulsing through Wavelength emphasised the way that every member of team is a valuable part of it. Clare Harreld (Legal Operations Paralegal) is the lifeline of the firm. I have a got a great friend in her who was always supportive and helped me to understand things better and kept the environment light and friendly. The working environment was great, it was relaxed with no dress code and we enjoyed lunch outings and our Christmas party.

Its principal office is located at the Eagle Labs Incubator in Cambridge which is a hub for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Working in such environment helped me to interact with people from different walks of life with innovative minds, products and future thinking. And this is exactly what Wavelength.law is about. It was interesting and refreshing to work with such an enthusiastic team. 

What would you say to anyone who wants to be part Wavelength in the future?

Everyone was happy to answer any questions I had. From the constant attention that has been paid to me during these 6 weeks of work experience, it is clear that even being a start-up, Wavelength invests heavily in their work experience programme and work hard to make the experience wholesome. I can’t thank everyone enough for being so encouraging, motivating and open. I am looking forward to hopefully returning and being part of such an amazing team again.

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