Introducing: BackLight

We are excited about our latest legal engineering breakthrough!

The solution: A new tool for “unlocking corporate memory”, it is called BackLight and is built by us (www.wavelength.law).

Specifically it:

  • Digests and reads volumes of contracts in nearly any format and stores them so that they are easy to find.
  • Uses search technology, machine learning and variance analysis to extract key information from our contracts. It then displays the data so that we can analyse risk, spot issues and reuse important information.

Like this:


Key benefits include:

  • An easily accessible, searchable contract repository (for live and expired agreements).
  • Analysis of contracts by legal concept – showing what has been agreed in the past, being great for: (i) playbook development, (ii) negotiations, (iii) sharing learning within legal teams, and (iv) risk and compliance control.


We have found that BackLight allows lawyers to focus on higher value project work, with the associated efficiency and morale benefits.

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Peter Lee