Wavelength Win the Online Courts Hackathon!

By Peter Lee

I am tremendously proud of our Wavelength.law hackathon team who WON the very first Online Courts Hackathon this weekend.

We teamed up with the Law Society and Errington Legal, and spent an intense 24 hours solving real life access to justice problems with some of the smartest, and most pleasant folk around.

The Hackathon was jointly staged by the Society for Computers and Law, Legal Geek, the Judiciary of England and Wales, and HM Courts & Tribunals Service. Half of UK’s top 20 law firms along with leading UK universities competed, with teams flying in from as far away as India and Australia. There were around 400 applicants for the event, with a closing address and presentation by the Lord Chief Justice. We made some great friends over the weekend.

Our Wavelength team designed and built "CoLin", a digital pathfinder made to help an ordinary person identify, understand and resolve typical legal issues. We designed CoLin to be as easy to use as talking to a knowledgeable friend, who cares. In 24 hours we created a technology framework which is capable of providing triage support ranging from DIY assisted action through to engaging a qualified professional. This is a great example of Wavelength.law's agile, design led Legal Engineering approach, and it was fun! 

Here is a pic of the winning team...

From left to right Ben Gardner (Wavelength.law), Mark O Grady (Software Developer @ Errington Legal Recruitment), Beatriz Martinez-Gatell (UX Strategist), Felix Schulte-Strathaus (Wavelength.law), Peter Wright (Law Society & DigitalLawUK), Sophia Adams Bhatti (Law Society) and Drew Winlaw (Wavelength.law)

Peter Lee