All in a frenzy: Responsible Use of AI

Wavelength.law is Barclay’s Eagle Lab’s first and longest serving member. Based in the Cambridge office, they are the first Legal Engineering law firm in the World (www.wavelength.law).  On Monday 16th April, Wavelength attended the AI Frenzy 3.0 hosted by Barclays in Canary Wharf, London. The theme for the Frenzy was “Ethics and AI”.

Wavelength’s Chief Scientific Officer, Ben Gardner, and Matthew Lavy, a leading IT barrister from 4 Pump Court Chambers, were invited to team up and present as part of a series of talks on the subject. They delivered a talk titled ‘Responsible use of AI’ which was very well received.

The presentation explored three assumptions that typically underpin Machine Learning: (i) that there is a yardstick by which software performance can be judged; (ii) that yardstick need not be measured exhaustively provided that sufficient confidence can be gained in the system; and (iii) it is possible to ascertain what a "sufficient" level of confidence may be. It then went on to explore how these assumptions could be made more explicit and what might constitute the legal concept of “reasonable skill and care” within the machine learning age. If you would like to watch this presentation it is available to watch on Wavelength’s Twitter feed (@wavelengthlaw) via this link.

Peter Lee