Calling all members of the LegalTech community – join Wavelength in supporting GROWL

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If you know a woman in the LegalTech community, or if you are one, then you need to know about GROWL!

What is GROWL?  

The Global Rise Of Women in LegalTech (‘GROWL’) initiative was launched as part of the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 (#GLH2019), the largest legal technology innovation event in the world. GROWL was created to maximise the participation and impact of the women leading legal innovation around the world, and to support the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow.

GROWL is building a global network of mentors, tools and resources that will assist women participating in the GLH, which will provide an enhanced track for women-led teams.

What is Wavelength’s role?

Wavelength is co-organising the London node of #GLH2019, happening on 22-24 February at Westminster Law School in London. With two ambitious lady Wavelengthers on the organising team, it only seemed natural that GROWL would become a focus point of Wavelength’s participation.

We will be on-site all throughout the GLH and are happy to provide anyone with more information and the necessary materials to join or support GROWL.

How can anyone get involved?

  • Recommend senior women in your organisation as potential GROWL mentors.

  • Identify and invite women in your organisation to lead teams during the GLH. GROWL will work with your organisation to help to prepare them for maximum success during the hackathon.

  • Invite women all across your organisation to participate by registering for #GLH2019.

 How can you support other women?

Become a mentor! The time commitment for each mentor is 4 hours only (at a time slot of their convenience), to provide guidance to women-led teams during #GLH2019. GROWL will invite selected women to be mentors from the applications and recommendations.

If you are interested:

To volunteer as a mentor, or to find out more about the initiative, please contact Morgane Van Ermengem (Morgane.VanErmengem@wavelength.law) or Ema Dobos (Ema.Dobos@wavelength.law) who will be delighted to discuss the opportunities afforded by GROWL with you. 


Peter Lee