Hannah Beddard shortlisted as a Finalist in the CILEx National Awards 2019


We are very excited to announce that Hannah Beddard, one of our Legal Associates, has been nominated as a finalist for the upcoming Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) National Awards.

Simmons Wavelength has always recognised the value of working with individuals who have diverse experience. We understand that skills acquired through less conventional career paths can prove invaluable. Our willingness to support Hannah’s professional development, and her CILEx studies, were key factors in Hannah’s decision to join our team.

The anticipated promo video for the CILEx Apprentice of the Year awards featuring Aimee Haden from Bevan Brittan and Hannah Beddard from Simmons Wavelength Limited.

After she started at Wavelength in 2018, we were delighted to enrol Hannah as a CILEx Apprentice. Hannah is an exceptional legal professional, having begun her path to qualification in 2014, via self-funded distance-learning, whilst working full time at another law firm. She consistently displays diligence, integrity, teamwork and skill in discharging her responsibilities. The additional support offered through the CILEx Apprenticeship scheme has helped her rapid progression.

Hannah is a passionate ambassador for CILEx and CILEx Law School. She promotes the benefits of the CILEx qualification route and apprenticeship scheme to friends and colleagues. She researched and diligently produced documents to help facilitate Wavelength’s enrolment within an accelerated timeframe, so that Wavelength began participating in the CILEx Apprenticeship scheme before becoming a Solicitors Regulation Authority training provider in 2019.

“To be considered for this award is a real honour, and I am incredibly am proud to represent those future lawyers who find the CILEx route both attractive and rewarding. I remain conscious that, while the legal sector as a whole continues to struggle with attracting lawyers from diverse backgrounds, I am lucky to work for a company that recognises the professional equivalence of CILEx lawyers and champions different routes of entry into the legal profession.” Hannah

Legal apprenticeships are a relatively new qualification route and provide a diverse community of graduates from varying backgrounds. 81.5% of CILEx members’ parents did not attend university, and only 2% of CILEx members have a parent who is a lawyer (CILEx and social mobility data).

CILEx has been a perfect partner for Wavelength and companion to our SRA training route.
— Barbara

CILEx has helped Hannah develop her confidence and provided her with the opportunity to learn the law through education and application.

Barbara Hamilton-Bruce, Wavelength’s Head of Client Operations also champions alternative routes into law, noting the CILEx apprenticeship is a great companion to Wavelength’s SRA training route. Barbara has been both a CILEx Council Member and Non-Executive Director of the CILEx Law School. She recognises its significant contribution to diversity in the legal services industry. CILEx is a perfect partner for Wavelength, producing flexible and highly experienced lawyers.

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