Callum Brown

Callum Brown, Legal Engineer at Wavelength Law

I’ve always loved deconstructing things and concepts to see how they work and where they can be improved
— Callum

Callum Brown

Legal Engineer


P: +44 203 6377 510 | m: +44 779 6846 111


Callum is a Legal Engineer with Wavelength. 

He graduated in Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin and more recently completed the GDL with the University of Law.  In the interim he worked in Education Management and spent time with several start-ups; working on operations systems, design elements and product creation.  More recently he has been involved in a project to translate legislation from multiple jurisdictions into plain English. 

Callum is naturally inquisitive and has been finding creative solutions to problems for as long as he can remember.  He has a passion for increasing efficiency, in particular the sharing of information.  Since school this has been tied to his hobbyist interest in tech and how it can be exploited to make our lives easier. 

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