Case Study - Legal Tech Adoption

A consortium of international law firms lacked visibility of their market standing for legal technology adoption.

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Wavelength.law Case Study



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Client needed

  • To create and implement a unified digital strategy across the consortium of law firms in order to expand global reach.

  • To understand the unique technological assets, goals and visions of member firms and the competition.

Wavelength solution

  • Conducted in-depth market research into the use of legal tech across 30 jurisdictions.

  • Created interactive, user-centric questionnaires for local and management levels to gauge use and attitudes towards legal tech.

  • Authored firm-specific reports to give a better understanding of how the consortium, their clients and their competitors currently use, and could use, technology to achieve success.

Client results

  • Clarity on current strategies and a new-found awareness of technological opportunities.

  • A roadmap for implementing a world-leading digital strategy as individual members and part of the wider consortium.

  • Showcasing the steps, findings, and results of the digital strategy process at an annual global executive summit.

The creation and execution of a successful digital strategy requires multidisciplinary, culturally competent expertise.

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The client’s goal was to increase awareness on digital strategies and develop a unified approach within the consortium on the use of technology across markets.

The approach was to open communication channels with the firms, create a user-centric questionnaire and use data science and analytics to evaluate the results.

The result was an expansive market research report drawing insights from across 20 international law firms.



Wavelength.law is the regulated firm of legal engineers, using data engineering and creative design to deliver positive change in the legal sector.


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