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A leading boutique law firm wanted to improve access to case law and share knowledge in their field of expertise.

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Wavelength.law Case Study



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Client needed

  • A solution for the lack of accessibility of sector-specific legal information.

  • To strengthen position as a sector-specific expert and thought leader.

  • To understand trends, patterns and timelines of various legal proceedings.

  • To share knowledge and engage current and potential clients in innovative ways.

Wavelength solution

  • Built a proprietary process to retrieve key information from cases and proceedings.

  • Created a searchable database for the client to find and understand relevant trends.

  • Facilitated operating updates to the subscribers of the free service several times each week.

  • Designed clear and concise communication and marketing channels for the client to engage their audience.

Client results

  • Leading up-to-date, comprehensive knowledge sharing with clients and key stakeholders.

  • Access to the database of collected information, as well as analytics and trends.

  • Time saved by eliminating the need to filter through difficult-to-access databases of public information.

  • Monthly analytics of growth and engagement opportunities within the sector.

With bespoke personalisation and organic growth, subscribers continue to grow at an average rate of 15% per month with 3 times more content interaction than most legal newsletters.

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As a boutique planning law practice, Town Legal has plenty of ideas as to how things could be done differently in our area for clients, but it has taken Wavelength’s skills to turn those ideas into reality - listening and understanding skills as well as just the technology.
— Simon Ricketts - Partner, Town Legal LLP


The client's goal was to engage their community and share previously inaccessible knowledge combined with their expertise in an effective way.

The approach was to combine data science and legal engineering to build customised technology for our client and their community.

The result was an online knowledge resource and bespoke communication channels.



Wavelength.law is the regulated firm of legal engineers, using data engineering and creative design to deliver positive change in the legal sector.


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