Drew Winlaw

Drew Winlaw, COO, Chief Legal Engineer and co-founder at Wavelength Law

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I’m great at seeing the big picture, facilitating cross-functional teams and imagining how things could be better - and taking steps towards that!
— Drew

Drew Winlaw

COO and Chief Legal Engineer

P: +44 203 6377 510

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Drew is a co-founder of Wavelength where he is responsible for operational matters and technical delivery.

He specialises in transformational change in the legal services sector. Drew is a commercial lawyer who moved into law firm management. His previous role was as director of operational development at an international law firm. He uses lean sigma philosophies with smart legal technologies and designs capable services and systems.

Earlier in Drew’s career, he worked in several manufacturing businesses focusing on data and scheduling issues, and also at booking.com as its legal and compliance manager.

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