Ema Dobos

Ema-Silvia Dobos is a Legal Engineer at Wavelength Law

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I have a creative and collaborative spirit as well as being great at critical thinking and listening
— Ema

Ema-Silvia Dobos

Legal Engineer


P: +44 203 6377 510 | m: +44 799 0079 911

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Ema graduated with an European and International Law degree from University of Sheffield and went on to complete a Masters in Legal Practice. Having studied in Lucerne and Luxembourg as well, she is a forward thinking individual who endorses diversity and collaboration as vital for growth.

In her previous job as a paralegal, she engaged with various technologies and sought to innovate and critically question the working culture in law firms. Ema has also been a Chapter Organiser at Sheffield Legal Hackers where she helped facilitate events centred on the interface between law and technology.

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