Erika Pagano

Erika Pagano, Head of Legal Innovation and Design at Wavelength Law

I’m great at problem finding and solving, building creative and collaborative capabilities and facilitating communication and culture
— Erika

Erika Concetta Pagano

Head of Legal Innovation and Design


P: +44 203 6377 510 | m: +44 787 6896 111

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Erika is a lawyer, facilitator, innovator, and educator with a passion for problem solving, culture creation, teaming, technology, and cross-border initiatives. She is Head of Legal Innovation and Design at Wavelength Law and Guest Faculty at IE University. Previously, Erika was the Director of LawWithoutWalls and Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law.

Erika is a regular speaker, published author, and award-winning innovator. She sits on multiple boards (Awesome Foundation Miami, ILTA Law School Advisory Group, and National Advisory Council for Law School Transparency) and is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Miami.

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