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Legal Engineering

Legal Engineering

Legal Engineering

Our definition

Legal engineer
(UK /ˈliː.ɡəl en.dʒɪˈnɪər; US /ˈliː.ɡəl en.dʒɪˈnɪr/)

noun - a person that sits at the interface of technology, law and data, and who is trained and skilled in the construction of designed legal solutions.

verb (used with object) - to navigate, connect and integrate point legal technical solutions with the real time practice of law.

Origin - English, early 21st century to mid-2016. A concept developed by a few enlightened individuals from Susskind to Winlaw.


What we do
We use technology, data, ‘lean’ process methods and teamwork to troubleshoot problems in legal process for in-house teams and law firms.

Our work involves designing and implementing systems that reduce duplication and use sensible automation in the right part of the process.

Systems need to interact with humans in a ‘polite’ manner and help them achieve something more quickly or accurately with the system than without.

Understanding data reliability, data cleansing and visualisations that mean something are all really important factors in great system design.

Document automation and workflow

We deliver document automation and workflow services.

We work with law firms and in-house legal teams to improve their service delivery. We know legal technology inside out and, because we are lawyers ourselves, we know what lawyers need and what works.

Using market leading technology in areas such as document automation we can help redesign habits and processes to dramatically improve time to contract, consistency and control risk.

But it doesn't stop there - working with our strategic partners we can build on document automation by, for example, saving and reporting on data, improving the negotiation process and designing 'intelligent' systems that learn from each transaction.

Corporate memory

Locked inside your commercial contracts and in the heads of key individuals is your organisation's corporate memory.

Using our proprietary and licensed technology, our methodologies and expertise, we can work with you to unlock and crystallise years of organisational contractual risk positions, data and know-how.

We then generate confidential legal playbooks, capable of being understood by both humans and machines.

Designed service & playbooks

We are market leading experts at legal bricolage - taking the best legal technologies, combining and applying them to solve client process and technical issues.

We also take legal playbooks to the next level using some seriously clever tech to unlock and visualise your corporate memory - say goodbye to static playbooks, continually and learn from each deal.

Do more with less, by iteratively building your corporate memory and manage trends.


talented legal technician and great communicator... a pleasure to do business with!
— SVP, multinational company