Legal operations


Legal operations

Our team are skilled in leveraging data, process and the sensible use of technology to improve organisation efficiency.

We use technology, data, ‘lean’ process methods and teamwork to troubleshoot problems in legal process for in-house teams and law firms.

Our work involves designing and implementing systems that reduce duplication and use sensible automation in the right part of the process. We believe that systems need to interact with humans in a ‘polite’ manner and help them achieve something more quickly or accurately with the system than without.

Automation and workflow

We work with law firms and in-house legal teams to improve their service delivery. We know legal technology inside out and, because we are lawyers ourselves, we know what lawyers need and what works.

Using market leading technology in areas such as document automation we can help redesign habits and processes to dramatically improve time to contract, consistency and control risk.

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Our experience is that year on year efficiency gains often require combination of technologies where synergies between systems can deliver ever increasing gains.

This is where data integration between systems and with other solutions within a business, (e.g. ERP system, HR database, CRM tools, etc.) become increasingly important.

With law firms

Within law and other professional services firms we have considerable experience of delivering, e.g.:

(i) transformational change of the billing and collections process;

(ii) transformational change around expense control and time recording;

(iii) transformational pricing change, centred around client profitability analysis; and

(iv) novel, highly automated systems to assist lawyers with their administration and compliance obligations.

With in-house legal departments

With in-house legal departments we have considerable experience of delivering redesign and optimisation of the legal function.

For example, we have recently advised on and assisted with the design of a new legal triage system for the business to better track deals and legal requests, to manage expectations of the business and to improve efficiencies by ensuring the correct advisors receive and do the work, and for the advisors to receive better instructions from the business the first time around.