Legal data exploitation


Legal data exploitation

Our team are experts in applying specialised techniques, data analytics and software tools, to analyse legal data.


We are able to work with large and complex sets of unstructured data (e.g. documents and contracts in different formats - Word, pdf, scanned text etc. - and of differing quality).


Using the experienced lawyers in our team, we are able to analyse the legal documents and quickly understand the key legal issues and points of interest.


We select the appropriate legal technologies and apply our methodologies to extract, clean, transform, and create flexible databases. 


We are capable of presenting legal data in visual ways that help organisations make data-driven decisions and obtain insights into their businesses. 

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Example case study

For a global in house legal department: design and build of an end-to-end contract analytics, negotiation tools, automation and life cycle management system.

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Example case study

For an international law firm: due diligence analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) tools and the generation of client reports, visualisations, automation and expert system options.

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