Mark Boggis

I’m a great listener; I love understanding a business problem and using my creative skills to solve it.
— Mark

Mark Boggis

Senior Legal Technologist


P: +44 203 6377 510 | m: +44 7787 928 111


Mark is an Engineer, Technology Innovator and Architect, used to working in a global context. He is passionate about change and how technology can be used to transform capabilities and organisations. Mark’s specific skills include the use and management of information to deliver knowledge and automation in order to provide people the luxury of time to think, add value and innovate.

Mark honed his skills across many roles in Information Technology. From software development for fighter planes and formula one cars, through communication and banking systems, to innovation and strategy at Linklaters and Clifford Chance.

He has been a part of and led some amazing teams who have been challenged to answer difficult questions whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Mark’s career has also provided the opportunity to feed his passion for travelling, living and working in other countries. He is always seeking to learn and be challenged - and says this is still a work in progress after all these years!

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