Morgane Van Ermengem

Morgane Van Ermenegm is a Senior Legal Engineer at Wavelength Law


Morgane Van Ermengem

Senior Legal Engineer


P: +44 203 6377 510 | m: +44 777 6691 611

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After working at a top tier law firm in commercial litigation, Morgane got interested in legal technology and its role in making legal services more transparent and accessible. She first worked for a Belgian legal start up with a mission to improve access to legal services through commoditisation and the use of technology, before moving to the UK to launch their London branch.

As a legal engineer at Wavelength, she helps clients understand and implement legal technology in a way that will allow them to create more efficient workflows and drive high-value performance.

Morgane holds a Master degree from KU Leuven and an LLM from the University of Vienna, both in international and European business law with a focus on IP and IT law.

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